Alpine Cafe

Sep 8, 2023

Small, cozy spot for breakfast with probably the most friendly staff in town. You’ll find a coffee bar with some specialty coffees too.

8797 N Main St. Helen, GA 30545

The Digs:

A medium-sized restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all day.  A coffee bar is in the front, and a small bar is in the middle with a couple of beer taps.  There is also a small front porch with a few tables for those that choose to sit outside.

The Grub:

Nothing to write home about here. Standard diner food. I felt like they could have made just a few small tweaks to make it great but it was missing some flair. Definitely, not terrible food, just nothing memorable. 

I had the standard 2 egg plate with bacon and potatoes. The potatoes are not fresh, more of the frozen/fried variety. The over-medium eggs were crispy on the edges, if you like that sort of thing, they do have a nice crisp. The bacon was pretty good but inconsistent. On one plate the bacon was cooked pretty well, another plate looked barely cooked. I got the wheat toast and it had a very strong wheat flavor which surprised me. It was good, but then I saw the sourdough, which looked like it was probably delicious.


The Service:

The most friendly staff you could ask for!  They were all SUPER nice and helpful.


The Scratch (Per Person):  



The Duds: