Burial Brewing

Aug 16, 2023

A fun, quirky restaurant with converted cars for tables and a great outdoor area.

40 Collier Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

The Digs:

Really cool outside area. Smaller inside spot but plenty of places to hang if it rains. They have also taken old cars, cut out the interiors, and put tables in them.  You might be able to snag a cool car table for a date! 

Burial Brewing

Walk around and find a spot that suits you. There are multi-levels and there is a small rooftop area with a lovely breeze.

The Grub: 

Just here for a beer, which was quite tasty. They have a lot of funky names for their beers which made it fun.

The Service:

There are a couple of different places to order, they’re pretty quick at each station. The guy in the gift shop was pretty chatty and helpful, everyone else was pretty busy on a Sunday afternoon. 

The Scratch (Per Person):  


The Duds:


Take Note: 

This is in a walkable area with a LOT of breweries, restaurants and shops. You cannot walk around the streets with a drink, so be sure to drop off your beverage before you head to the next spot.


See my review with pics on Google Maps!