The Scotsman Public House

Apr 5, 2023

Really cool atmosphere and a great Shepherds Pie make this a fantastic stop when in Waynesville!  Grab a pint and enjoy it on a cozy couch!

37 Church St 1st Floor, Waynesville, NC 28786

The Digs:

Very cool atmosphere here with dark walls, green velvet couches and a large, ornate bar. You feel like you’ve been flown to another place! They do have a pool table, some small side rooms with comfy couches and cool artwork (for drinks only, no food here). The bathrooms are nice and the ladies room has some pics of cute dudes on the walls.


The Grub: 

I had the Shepherds Pie and a Scotch Egg. The scotch egg was good, although I don’t have others to compare it to. It was interesting though, because there were three very distinct flavors in this. First you tasted the outer coating which reminded me of falafel. Then, you could taste the sausage, then finally the egg came through. It was pretty crazy how each flavor came in separate waves. 

The shepherds pie was the star of this meal.  Lovely flavors all around for this traditional dish.  And, they had HP sauce!! I learned about this little gem while I was in Wales last summer.  It’s sort of like A1, but tomato-ey. I love it and it mixes quite nicely with this dish.

I had a gin and tonic at the bar. They don’t use tonic water, they use a tonic syrup to make that. I asked him to skip the addition of simple syrup because I thought that plus the tonic syrup might be too sweet. It ended up being pretty good, but I think I’d still rather have a regular tonic. 


The Service:

Great service once we sat down at a table with a server. It seems maybe some of the tables closer to the bar didn’t have service. Or it was just an off night.  There weren’t very many people here, so I’d say it was slow. The bartender was great and our server was super sweet! 


The Scratch (Per Person):  



The Duds:

You could wear anything here. I think it would also be a cool place to stop in before a nice dinner for some cocktails in the green velvet couches. Great photo opp!


Take Note: 

The sign wasn’t super noticeable as we were coming down the street, just keep on walking and you’ll find it. It’s a large building.


See my review with pics on Google Maps!