Waynesville’s Water’n Hole Bar and Grill

Jul 21, 2023

Find this dive right next to a gas station.  Stop in to meet some interesting locals and have a drink.  You might even find some music if you time it right.

796 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786

The Digs:

Small “dive” bar next to a gas station. There is a bar in the middle that seats 8-10 people and a few small tables. There is also an area for music however, I was there on open mic night and never actually saw anyone get up and sing.  There is also a pool table.

The Grub: 

Just went in for a beer and mostly just to say I went.   I love a good “dive” bar.

The Service:

The lady behind the bar seemed irritated because a couple of the people in the bar were being loud and obnoxious.  I think they had her on edge, but otherwise, she was quick and served everyone as soon as they asked for something.  I’m pretty sure that everybody in there probably knew her. Seemed like the typical local watering hole with a lot of locals.

The Scratch (Per Person):  


The Duds:

Definitely casual. Nothing fancy happening here. Wear your jeans and boots and plan to meet someone new!

Take Note: 

This is beside a gas station and there isn’t a lot of parking. I did find some makeshift parking directly across the street, but I doubt there was anything “legal” about it.


See my review with pics on Google Maps!