Wild Olive

Apr 18, 2023

 A nice Italian restaurant on John’s Island with good tiramisu, an interesting bruchetta, and a quite popular Bolognese. 

2867 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455

The Digs:

Very pretty restaurant with Italian vibes. We sat at the community table which had grapes hanging above the ceiling. This would be a great restaurant for a date night for sure!


The Grub: 

I went in with seriously high expectations as the reviews are top notch. Overall, I’ve had better, but this was definitely delicious. 

To start, we got the bread service, calamari and bruschetta. The bread was pretty standard. Nothing over the top but good. The calamari was about the same, but it was cooked nicely and honestly I ate most of it! 

The bruschetta was non-traditional and pretty good. I actually didn’t even care for the bread part of this dish, but the top of it was a salad type mixture that I would have totally eaten by itself in a bowl.  

I got the tagliatelle with bolognese which is my typical standard at any Italian restaurant. I felt like it was lacking a bit in flavor…..although now that I look back, some parmesan cheese and a little salt might have changed my mind about it.  

I tasted my husband’s dish, he tasted mine, and we liked each other’s dish better so we switched. So I actually ended up eating something I don’t remember the name of. It was pasta with shrimp and sausage and tomatoes. It was really quite delicious. 

If I’m in an Italian restaurant, I have to try the tiramisu and this one was really quite good. My only complaint is that I would have liked to taste more of a coffee flavor in it. Otherwise, the texture, the layers, were great! 


The Service:

I thought the service was good and prompt. Not really friendly or chatty, but definitely handled the business.


The Scratch (Per Person):  



The Duds:

I’d suggest dressing up a bit but jeans are fine too.


Take Note: 

Could be easy to miss this place. Parking lot is tucked back in.


See my review with pics on Google Maps!